Traveling with an Infant


Travelling with a baby under 2 years old? At Air Moana, our priority is to ensure your well-being and safety as well as your baby’s.

Discover our conditions and advice to travel in complete serenity.

Passengers concerned

Baby less than 2 years old during the trip.

Conditions of transport

The baby must travel with :
- One parent (father, mother or legal guardian, who may be a minor) or,
- A valid adult at least 18 years of age.

If the baby does not have their own seat, they will travel on the lap of the parent. Note: During takeoff and landing phases, as well as in the case of turbulence, the baby must be secured using a baby safety belt (provided by the crew) attached to the belt of the responsible passenger.

The baby must travel with a valid form of identification. Consult the list here.


Your baby travels on your lap:
The baby does not have a seat but must still be booked on the flight to be included in the passenger list. Onboard, they will be provided with a life vest and an appropriately sized safety belt.

Your baby travels in a seat next to you:
To do this, Air Moana offers you two options:

  • Option 1: Book a "baby occupying a seat" ticket and place your baby in the seat. They must be able to sit up unaided. Note: During the phases of takeoff, landing, and in case of turbulence, your baby must sit on your lap.

  • Option 2: Book a "baby occupying a seat" ticket and place your baby in an airplane-approved car seat.
    Note: During the phases of takeoff, landing, and in case of turbulence, your baby must sit on your lap.
    To ensure their safety and optimize their comfort, the car seat must meet the following criteria:
    -Be approved for both car and airplane use according to European, North American, or Australian/New Zealand standards, etc. (see examples of certification stickers below) :

    - Be in good condition and show no signs of damage,
    -Fit within the width and depth dimensions of the airplane seat,
    - Be equipped with safety harnesses.

    Please note that the following types of devices are not recognized as adaptable safety devices on board our planes:
    - Any seat designed to be installed solely with rigid bar lower anchors (Isofix or equivalent),
    - Any booster seat,
    - Baby carriers.

    We remind you that you are responsible for the installation of the car seat onboard, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
    A non-compliant seat may be refused by check-in and cabin staff.
    Please note that the car seat counts towards the baby's cabin baggage allowance.

In both options (booking a "baby occupying a seat" ticket with or without a car seat), your baby will have the same checked baggage allowance as you.


Proof of the baby’s age will be requested upon registration.

Baggage allowance

Strollers or cots are accepted at no extra charge if their weight is included in the parents' baggage allowance.

Boarding priority

Families with infants or children under 12 years of age are given priority for boarding. Ground staff will invite all families to present themselves at the boarding gate before the rest of the passengers.

Some travel tips

-Take your baby's blanket, water or nursing bottle and a small snack.
- Do not forget his pacifier, swallowing will avoid discomfort in the eardrums, caused by pressure changes, especially during take-off and landing,
- Check that your baby is not sick and does not have a blocked nose, which could greatly disturb him,
- Choose comfortable and warm clothes, it can be cold in the planes because of the air conditioning,
- Take a bag with diapers, wipes, medicine and favorite toy.