Airports & Connections


At Tahiti-Faa'a Airport: 
Check-in counters open 1 hour 15 minutes before flight departure, and the final check-in time is set to 30 minutes prior to the flight's departure time.

Air Moana's check-in counters are located at desks 21-43.

At Bora Bora Airport: 
The airport is situated on a islet, accessible by a boat shuttle. The shuttle transport between the airport and the main island (Vaitape dock) is included in your airfare. The shuttle departs from the Vaitape dock 1h15 before the flight's departure time.
Find information and schedules on the page Shuttle Boat in Bora Bora

Other Airports: 
The final check-in time for the islands is 30 minutes before the flight's scheduled departure time, with the exception of the Leeward Islands where check-in closes 20 minutes prior.

Connecting time between two flights

Air Moana recommends that you respect the connecting times between two flights as follows: