​Passengers travelling with Service Animal


Air Moana offers you the possibility of transporting your service animal free of charge in the cabin.

Find out more about the conditions for transporting your service animal in this section.

Who can benefit?

Any passenger who needs to travel with a service animal due to a physical, emotional or psychological disability, and who is able to provide the required documentation

Conditions of Acceptance and Transportation

When making a reservation and at each stage of the trip, the passenger must be able to provide the following documents:
- A medical certificate of less than two months attesting to his inability to travel without his service animal,
- Any official document (certificate, identification card, etc.) confirming that the animal has been trained as a service animal.

The passenger and his service animal must travel on the same flight.

The animal will only travel in the cabin, not in the hold, and will be authorized within the limit defined by flight.

The animal may travel unmuzzled and without pet carrier but must be leashed permanently.


The passenger must mention his service animal when booking the flight ticket and must present the necessary documents for its acceptance (see "Conditions of acceptance and transportation"). 

A second free seat will be reserved for the service animal.

Baggage allowance

The passenger benefits from the cabin and hold baggage allowances associated with the fare paid for his own seat only, but will not benefit from the baggage allowance associated with the 2nd seat (service animal seat).

Check-in & Boarding

The passenger must present the documents required for the transportation of the animal (see "Conditions of acceptance and transportation" above).

If the passenger is unable to present these documents, the animal will not be considered as a service animal. It will then be subject to the conditions of acceptance and carriage of animals in the cabin or in the hold.

The passenger and his pet will be given priority boarding.

On board

The animal must be placed at the foot of the extra seat so as not to obstruct the passage in the cabin. Under no circumstances may it be placed on the extra seat.