Our Fleet​

2 ATR-600 aircraft with a capacity of 72 seats

This "-600" version is equipped with two high-performance turboprop engines of the latest generation for the cockpit (Glass Cockpit).  

Comfort and noise reduction in the new cabin is a major concern for Air Moana:
• With comfortable seats
• On-board service that meets your expectations.

Our aircraft have undergone a technical inspection in a maintenance center based in Singapore. Under the colors of our company, they will crisscross the archipelagos of French Polynesia.

Our flight crews are professionals in the aviation sector with proven experience. Training and regular maintenance of their skills (safety and passengers’ security) are required by the authorities to navigate on our aircraft.

The maintenance of our aircraft is carried out by Sabena Technics, one of the European leaders in aeronautical maintenance. Travelling with Air Moana means travelling in complete safety.