Our Fleet​

Air Moana operates 2 ATR 72-600 aircraft

We have carefully selected aircraft from the leading manufacturer in regional air transportation for several key reasons:

Advanced Technology: Our ATR 72-600 aircraft are equipped with highly efficient and powerful turboprops and feature modern avionics, including a Glass Cockpit system.

Reliability and Versatility: The ATR models are renowned for their reliability and sturdiness, making them ideally suited for the unique demands of air operations in French Polynesia, including the climate, weather, temperature variations, and runway lengths.

Comfortable Cabin: The ATR 72-600s offer a significant noise reduction compared to previous models, and our cabins are equipped with comfortable seating.

Onboard Services: Our ATR 72-600s are equipped with everything necessary to provide high-quality onboard services. For instance, we offer an in-flight entertainment service accessible via personal smartphones or tablets, as well as a selection of hot and cold beverages and snacks for flights exceeding 40 minutes.

For the maintenance of our fleet at our Tahiti-Faa’a base, we have entrusted the services to Sabena Technics, one of the leading European companies in aeronautical maintenance.