Additional seat


Air Moana offers you the possibility to travel more comfortably by reserving an extra seat.

If your waist size exceeds 135 cm, we recommend that you book an additional seat for your comfort and safety.

Who can benefit?

Any person who wishes to purchase an extra seat during their trip for their comfort and/or safety.

For example: 
- A corpulent passenger for more space and comfort,
- A parent travelling with his or her baby to sit next to him or her. Please note that the baby can only be positioned there during the flight, and without turbulence. During the take-off and landing phases, and as soon as there is turbulence in flight, the baby will have to be positioned on the parent's lap,
- A passenger on a medical evacuation

Please note : it is not allowed to place any object/item on this extra seat (ex: luggage, package, briefcase, files, etc.)


Application of a 50% discount based on the one-way fare applied to the passenger in case of a loaded flight.

If there is still availability on the flight on the day of departure, the passenger may request a refund for the extra seat.

In case of availability on the flight, the passenger can occupy the extra seat free of charge.


We advise you to make your reservation at Air Moana agency, call center or travel agencies. 

The reservation of two seats for the same person is possible on the company's website.

If the flight is full and you have not booked a 2nd seat, you may be refused boarding, for safety reasons, if your body does not allow you to sit on 1 seat.

Baggage allowance

Any passenger purchasing an additional seat is entitled to the baggage allowance applicable to the fare of the first seat only.


Passengers who have purchased an extra seat are given priority boarding.

Extra Seat Refund

In the event that the passenger wishes to be reimbursed for the extra seat because the flight was not full, the passenger should contact our customer service department at [email protected] in order to submit a refund request.