Pregnant women


Your family is growing soon? This should not prevent you from travelling!

Air Moana gives you some information and advice to best prepare your trip.

Medical opinion

Whatever the progress of your pregnancy, we advise you to consult your doctor before flying.

We inform you that from the 37th week of pregnancy, in case of complication or if your pregnancy is at risk, you will have to present a medical certificate from your gynecologist, midwife or doctor authorizing your travel, dated less than 8 days ago.

Travelling with a child or infant?

Any person of legal age who is less than 37 weeks pregnant or has an uncomplicated pregnancy may travel with a baby or child.

From the 37th week of pregnancy, in case of complication, another valid assisting adult must travel with the infant or child.

Find out more about the transport conditions for babies and children here.

Some travel tips

- Travel with someone who can assist you during the flight, if you can,
- Choose loose and comfortable clothing, think of compression stockings to facilitate blood circulation,
- Stay hydrated regularly,
- Avoid heavy meals before your trip,
- Fasten your seat belt under your abdomen, in the pelvic area,
- Take in your handbag your important papers, ID, health book, prescriptions, as well as your medication.