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Discover French Polynesia with Air Moana

Tahiti - Moorea - Raiatea - Bora Bora - Rangiroa - Nuku Hiva - Hiva Oa

Tahiti - Bora Bora - Tahiti

Discover the Pearl of the Pacific and its fifty shades of blue

From 339.50 USD  

including taxes of 48.07 USD  

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Tahiti - Raiatea - Tahiti

Immerse yourself in Raiatea, the sacred island where it all began

From 269.72 USD 

including taxes of 51.01 USD  

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Tahiti - Rangiroa - Tahiti

​Dive into the depths of the Pacific

From  317.79 USD 
including taxes of 55.95 USD  

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Tahiti - Hiva Oa - Tahiti  

Venture through towering cliffs overlooking the ocean and making the island of Hiva Oa a breathtaking place

From 570.80 USD 
including taxes of 57.46 USD  

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Tahiti - Nuku Hiva -Tahiti

Experience the natural and cultural heritage of Land of Men

From 520.44 USD 
including taxes of 57.46 USD

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