Passengers with disabilities


Do you have reduced mobility due to a disability?

Our qualified staff on board Air Moana will take care of your reservation file, meet your assistance needs, accompany you if necessary to the boarding gate where you will have priority and assist you throughout your trip.

Who can benefit?

Any person holding:
- A disability card,
- A card for persons with reduced mobility (PMR),
- A mobility inclusion card,
- A white card for 100% pensioners,
- A card marked "blindness",
- An ONACVG card mentioning a disability of 85% or more,
- Any other card mentioning that the passenger suffers from a total or partial physical, mental or developmental disability,
- The assisting passenger holding a card with the mention "third person" written on his card.


The passenger (and assisting passenger) benefit from a preferential fare if the passenger holds a 100% pensioner's white card or an ONACVG card mentioning a disability of 85% or more.

If the passenger wishes to travel alone and the card indicates "third person", the company will not be able to accept the passenger alone on board. 
Indeed, as soon as the card indicates "third person", the passenger must travel with an attendant, for safety reasons.

If the passenger travels with a companion but the "third person" mention is not on the card, the companion will not be able to benefit from the corresponding reduced fare.

Any passenger traveling with his/her own wheelchair, whether or not he/she has a disability card (passenger with a temporary or permanent physical disability), will be offered transportation of the wheelchair.

Check-in & Boarding

The disability card must be presented at check-in and boarding.

Passengers in need of assistance

If you need special assistance : 
- to move you to the boarding gate and/or to the aircraft bridge,
- to help you get on and off the plane,

The request must be clearly specified at time of booking.

Visually impaired passengers

QueWhether you are visually impaired or blind, travelling on Air Moana with a service animal or guide dog, will be allowed and free of charge.

The request must be clearly specified at time of booking.